Most upside (3 months)

The Most Upside chart above shows the companies potential share price gain (%) (the potential share price increase from the current share to the broker target price)

  Company % change  
  Flowgroup 2,220.44  
  Canadian Overseas Petroleum Limited C... 1,592.31  
  Torotrak PLC 863.64  
  AFC Energy PLC 532.56  
  Andalas Energy & Power PLC 506.06  
  Baron Oil 442.86  
  Vernalis PLC 442.14  
  CyanConnode PLC 351.61  
  Mytrah Energy Ltd 350.14  
  Parkmead Group (The) PLC 300.00  
  Cadogan Petroleum PLC 275.00  
  Egdon Resources PLC 254.29  
  Directa Plus Plc 244.83  
  Orosur Mining Inc 228.97  
  Trinity Exploration & Production 198.87  

Performance Analysis (6 Months)

The performance analysis chart above provides a detailed breakdown of Buy, Sell and Hold recommendations for the selected bank or stockbroker. To see a full explanation of how to use this chart, please visit the performance analysis explanation page.

Recommendation Summary (3 months)

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