Most upside (3 months)

The Most Upside chart above shows the companies potential share price gain (%) (the potential share price increase from the current share to the broker target price)

  Company % change  
  Flowgroup 1,948.78  
  Canadian Overseas Petroleum Limited C... 1,813.04  
  Torotrak PLC 606.67  
  AFC Energy PLC 503.92  
  Andalas Energy & Power PLC 440.54  
  Mytrah Energy Ltd 438.75  
  Vernalis PLC 438.67  
  CyanConnode PLC 330.77  
  Egdon Resources PLC 259.42  
  Orosur Mining Inc 214.29  
  OPG Power Ventures PLC 204.29  
  Trans-Siberian Gold PLC 195.89  
  Plutus Powergen Plc Ord 0.1 171.43  
  Eland Oil & Gas PLC 129.23  
  Gulf Keystone Petroleum 128.81  

Performance Analysis (6 Months)

The performance analysis chart above provides a detailed breakdown of Buy, Sell and Hold recommendations for the selected bank or stockbroker. To see a full explanation of how to use this chart, please visit the performance analysis explanation page.

Recommendation Summary (3 months)

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