Most upside (3 months)

The Most Upside chart above shows the companies potential share price gain (%) (the potential share price increase from the current share to the broker target price)

  Company % change  
  MySQUAR Limited 624.14  
  Legendary Investments PLC 438.46  
  Andalas Energy & Power PLC 365.12  
  Stellar Diamonds PLC 325.53  
  Defenx Plc 282.02  
  Amryt Pharma 220.99  
  Concepta Plc Ord 2.5p 201.37  
  Secure Property Development & Investm... 195.65  
  Tiziana Life Sciences Plc 188.81  
  Motif Bio Plc Ord 1p 166.34  
  Obtala Limited 147.93  
  Falanx Group Plc 146.15  
  Transense Technologies PLC 145.90  
  DekelOil Public Ltd 137.11  
  Savannah Resources 84.48  

Performance Analysis (6 Months)

The performance analysis chart above provides a detailed breakdown of Buy, Sell and Hold recommendations for the selected bank or stockbroker. To see a full explanation of how to use this chart, please visit the performance analysis explanation page.

Recommendation Summary (3 months)

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