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  • ValiRx welcomes positive clinical results

    16 January 2018 | ValiRx
    ValiRx has provided an update on the clinical progress of an anti-cancer compound developed by ValiSeek, a joint venture between ValiRx and Tangent Reprofiling. Data analysed by Ariana, a digital...
  • ValiRx gets patent approval in the US

    11 January 2018 | ValiRx
    ValiRx, the clinical stage biotechnology company, has received patent approval in the US for its lead therapeutic compound, VAL201, which is in clinical trials. The patent application covers the...
  • ValiRx releases encouraging test results

    12 December 2017 | ValiRx
    ValiRx said it had generated further positive results from tests of a lung cancer treatment. Further to the release of pharmacokinetic data from the completed second-phase clinical trial, the...

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